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Doug Willis - IT and Data at EProperty Consultants

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Doug Willis

A little about me

Doug Willis was referred to me by a business partner.

Doug has overseen the modernisation of our office from traditional complicated and cumbersome, to being a fast, modern organisation with complimentary processes we can access mobile anywhere in the world.  The effect has been profound on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of our operation. Doug has managed and coordinated this complete transition, streamlining all our processes within the office providing significant efficiencies.

As an organisation we can do so much more with so much less and exponential quicker. The access to information we now have provides insight on how we can continually improve, review our competition and our team members and their individual performance with uncompromising accountability. Tools we had never dreamed to access . To say it has a made a difference would be an understatement.

What I personally have enjoyed most is the manner in which Doug has managed the process. He is invested personally in our success and that of the individuals, always calm and considered thoughtful in his approach.

Really not sure what we did before Doug worked with us.

Tim Edmonds – Director

Doug has been part of the e-property team as a consultant since June 2017.

He initially came in to migrate the business to cloud services and develop business processes.

Doug was employed in Defence from 1986-2006 working in cartography, photogrammetry and data management systems. He then worked as the GIS Manager and IT Manager at NQ Dry Tropics before commencing his current role in consultancy.