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the e-property difference

How satisfied are your tenants with your building? It is important that we consider the individual people in the tenancy as well as the decision-makers when we ask this question. What do they enjoy and what do they complain about?

The team at e-property are owner advocates. We aim to manage the property as if it was our own. We use a customer-oriented approach to property management.

The quality of property management service is a critical consideration of tenants when making stay-or-leave decisions.

Effective property management creates value to tenants and investors. This is achieved through higher occupancy rates with a greater incidence of lease renewals and tenant stability /retention.

For investors, higher renewal rates mean higher lease-up periods and higher overall net operating income.

“88% or respondents say that the quality of property management has a strong or very strong impact on the decision to renew the lease”.

“81% of occupiers perceive amenities as integral to the employee experience, and engage landlords and other service providers to enhance these offerings”

Good data drives good decisions. It’s as simple as that! We therefore use data in our key performance metrics on a day-to-day basis to ensure we are meeting our owner’s expectations and also the expectations or the customers which are our tenants.

The key performance metrics are as follows:

vacancy rates

High vacancy rates are the number 1 killer of commercial owners. Every day vacant, is money out of your pocket, and we know outgoings are high.

tenancy arrears

Even business owners struggle financially, BUT this shouldn’t be your problem. We track and measure our tenancy arrears and start contacting your tenants BEFORE they fall behind.

We achieve excellence through continual vigilance to ensure your rent is paid on time.

keeping your tenants in your property, not someone else’s

Losing tenants to another property initiates for you and we do everything in our power to avoid this.

We continually track and measure the leases that are coming up so we can start negotiating with your tenant early before they find a better deal. Upcoming vacancies are reviewed weekly with our agents in order to pro-actively negotiate new leases that will keep your property occupied.

We also measure our success in how many tenants stay in their properties, so we can continually improve our processes.