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maintenance request

We understand that when there is maintenance required on your property, you want things done ASAP! Quite often we find that some basic troubleshooting will:

  • Fix the problem instantly without requiring a tradesman to attend the property
  • Save you money in incorrect call out fees where the problem could have been fixed yourself or was caused by one of more of your own devices or equipment
  • Identify more details on the problem so we can send the correct tradesman the first time so that the item is repaired faster.

Below are some of the commonly encountered tenant problems. Please ensure you try these BEFORE submitting your maintenance request.


  • Perhaps the Safety switch has been activated
    • Reset the safety switch in the fuse/meter box
  • Perhaps or of your is faulty cause a fuse in the meter box to be tripped
    • Turn off the power points and unplug all equipment in the property
    • Reset the safety switch/tripped fuse in the fuse/meter box
    • Incrementally turn on equipment to identify which item is tripping the fuse/meter box.

*NOTE – If you call out an electrician and the fault is identified as one or your appliances or pieces of equipment, you will be invoiced for the call-out charges.

We highly recommend having all appliances and equipment professionally tested and tagged on a regular basis.

If this fault finding does not resolve your power loss, it could be that your leased property is subject to a wider area loss of power. In this case, we recommend that you contact Ergon for Outages & Disruptions.

Please note that the Landlord may agree for e-Property as their management agency to spend up to a specific amount for maintenance if the Landlord is not contactable. There is a cap on what maintenance we can approve without a Landlord’s approval.

Priority of this Maintenance Request

You need to agree to the following terms before your maintenance request can be submitted

Do you authorise a tradeperson to gain access to your property using keys provided by our office?

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