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lease consultation services

A lease consultation service provides a unified and consistent approach of managing a clients property portfolio.

This service can be utilised by company-owned businesses and the dependant needs of co-op members to take advantage of the following services:

  • The identification and documentation for core property issues for existing premises
  • The development of a standard lease proforma
  • Undertake research Fair Market Rental and potential incentive packages
  • Develop preferred building specifications for consideration, rated around preferences for key property issues to assist in analysis
  • Analysis on best geographical location based on your business service needs (logistics, exposure and access to customers)

Tim Edmonds is both the founder and managing director of e-property. Tim is an entrepreneur, innovator and creative property developer. As a property owner since the age of 21, Tim has been invested in both commercial and residential property.

This wealth of experience is a great resource for any business/franchise to harness in finding the best properties and negotiating the best terms on their behalf.

an example of this service would be as follows:

STAGE ONEData Collection

In this initial stage, we seek standard documentation that will provide us with the means to analyse your existing situation. It forms the basis for developing a future-proofed strategy in managing your existing and future premises.


We will document and identify existing lease terms and undertake a market analysis review of existing premises and current rental market. We then identify and short-list potential options to identify and record property issues. We identify property suitability moving forward. We can also set up an annual review for your CFO for budgeting purposes. We will then identify lease inconsistencies from the developed standard lease proforma to be identified.


We will act as your liaison and point of contact for all property negotiations. We will deal directly with the landlord or their agent as the exclusive representative of your business/s.

STAGE FOUR – Proactive Engagement

We will identify each of your properties that are within 18 months of expiration. We will identify the current market options and determine your ongoing current business/property requirements. A strategy is developed in consultation with the CFO and local manager with the various options that we have found to be suitable for your needs.

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