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At e-property, we combine our methods and systems, with staff trained to ensure you receive candid advice and leading property management service. Our reputation is built on delivering exceptional personalised service to our owners and our tenants.

Our Property Management Team are accountable to our owners, tenants and each other. We recognise that communication is the key to effectively keep our owners informed on issues related to their property.

We have documented processes and daily plans to ensure that our staff provide consistent and exceptional service to our clients and our customers. Staff are held to account to ensure that arrears and maintenance are within agreed Key Performance Indicators within weekly meetings with the e-property Director.

We believe in transparency and providing honest and authentic feedback to our owners. We aim to manage your property as if we own it.

We appreciate that obtaining and retaining great tenants is a priority. We have a process for actively monitoring our lease renewals to ensure that we avoid vacancies in your property. With a lease over 2 years, we begin the negotiation process for a lease renewal within 12 months of the lease expiry. This negotiation process for a lease renewal commences within 6 months for leases under 2 years.

We maintain dashboards visible to all team members of our key performance indicators related to Arrears, Lease Ends and Maintenance.

Our e-property agents have extensive local commercial property market knowledge. Our links to our community and market expertise see us stay ahead of the curve in exceptional value to our client.

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