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Leasing your property shouldn’t be a painful experience. The longer your property remains vacant, the more it hurts your bottom line, so we understand the importance of finding the right tenant to ensure you achieve the best return on your investment possible. 

Many owners end up losing thousands of dollars on their investment properties because they have leased their property to an unsuitable tenant. It is in the best interest of you, as the owner, to attract a tenant that will not fall into arrears. It is imperative that the prospective tenant has an established business or a business idea that will get the returns required to pay rent. 

As an example.

WE would like to applaud Mitch from E-Property Consultants NQ for his professionalism and personal support during the leasing process.

This was our first time in leasing a premises and we were quite unsure of the leasing process in relation legal requirements, bond and rental payments, leasing agreements and the like.

Mitch stepped us through the whole process with a caring, authentic and honest nature. Something that we wanted to experience in a commercial agent. We had heard many horror stories about how agents were not working in people’s best interest and how some could be unscrupulous at times.

This was not the case with Mitch.

Mitch was honest, kept us updated with conversations that he was having with the landlord and expressed our expectations as well as the landlords expectations. Clear communication was one the characteristics that we admired in Mitch.

Mitch was also very fortunate to work with a honest landlord, which also made the experience a favourable one.

If you would like a honest, caring and efficient consultant who is working for both entities, then Mitch for E-Property Consultants NQ is your man.

Thanks Mitch for a great experience.

Kind regards,

Maurice Harvey-Hall.

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